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Not ready for a Rolls Royce? How about a Cadillac?


The EScope Limited PC-based scope system may have four fewer channels than its eight channel big brother, the EScope Pro, but that's still twice as many as most shop scopes sold today. You will not find another multiple channel scope with dual adjustable time base settings in this price range anywhere!


A half step slower than the EScope Pro, the Limited is still fast enough to catch 90 percent of all automotive signals. The EScope Limited will supply power to and read up to four pressure transducers simultaneously. ATS patent pending software grid overlays make analyzing pressure waveforms a snap. The software will automatically convert pressure transducer voltages to pressure readings, making them easy to use and simple to read.


The EScope Limited ships with enough test leads, adapters, clips and piercers to get you up and running as soon as the software is loaded into your PC. Later, as your skills and your budget grow, you can easily add accessories, like amp clamps and transducers.


EScope Limited is designed for ease of use, and backed by service and technical support before and after the sale. Designed from the ground up as part of a test solution package, you can expect it to work and play well with other ATS products as you build a diagnostic system unlike any other.


View large, colorful, razor sharp waveforms on your hi-res PC display. No laptop? No problem. We'll load Escope Limited onto a customized, shop-tough laptop, and ship you the works, ready to roll. Just fire it up and go.


(If you're still thinking about that Rolls, check out the EScope Pro.)


Check out the features of the EScope Limited:


• A four channel 14 bit dual time base PC automotive diagnostic scope.

• Same software functionality as EScope for input channels (dual time base, 500,000 samples/channel memory, ect.).

• Power and then scope up to FOUR pressure transducers at one time.

• Converts pressure transducer voltage to actual pressure or vacuum readings.

• Use factory presets for common tests, or record your own.

• Make fast adjustments on-the-fly with our easy-to-use on-screen control console.

• Can be used in conjunction with all ATS diagnostic equipment.

• Includes software upgrades for one year minimum and full technical support.

• Connects to the USB bus and gets all of its power from this bus so no external power cables or batteries are needed.

• +/- 20 or +/- 500 Volt Range on all Four Channels (Built in 50X Dividers!)

• >1 Mega Ohm Input Impedance on all Four Channels

• 14 Bit (0.0061%) Resolution on all Four Channels

• Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces

• Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval

• Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation

• Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet

• Does not have any of the bidirectional controls that the EScope has (analog sensor simulators or timer/counter channels).

• Sampling rate is slower than the EScope Pro®. It is fast enough for about 90% of automotive signals that scopes are typically used for.

• Add proper CAT III test leads and start testing hybrid vehicle high voltage

 electrical systems.

• Free software updates!

• Free technical support!



For the EScope Limited we recommend the following:


•  XGA (1024x768 Pixel Resolution Screen)

• 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)

• Windows XP through Windows 10 operating systems including Windows 10 tablets

(Windows RT tablets are not supported)

• 256 MB RAM (more is better)

• 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space

• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Port




EScope Limited BNC to banana plug leads

BNC to Banana Plug Leads

EScope Limited banana plug adapter

Banana Plug Adapter

EScope Limited fuses


EScope Limited (ESL1000) contents

EScope Limited accessory kit
EScope Limited ground lead
EScope Limited lead extensions

Ground Lead

Lead Extensions

EScope Limited alligator clips
EScope Limited T wire piercers

Alligator Clips

T Wire Piercers

EScope Limited

EScope Limited

EScope Limited back probes

Back Probes

EScope Limited USB Y cable

USB Y Cable

EScope Limited - Rev 1.11, Released 7/13/2016


Learn How to Install the EScope Limited Update


Download the EScope Limited installation/update:

  EScope LimitedTM Installation



Driver Download (only needed if installing EScope Limited for the first time).

This driver must to be installed before the Escope Limited software will operate. The driver is required even if operating the Escope Limited software in Demo Mode. Click on the link below to download the driver:


Driver with MAX (only needed if having problems with core driver):


EScope Limited Download and Installation of latest version - Rev 1.11:


Quick Start Instructions:


• Download the EScope Limited update above and save it to your “My Documents” folder.

• Double-click on the downloaded file on your desktop to view the zipped contents.

• Double-click on Setup (Application) to install the EScope Limited. If the installer asks you if it is OK to uninstall the existing version allow it to do so and then run the Setup a second time to install the new update.

• Besides the requirement for having the EScope Limited interface hardware connected to your computer you must also have the proper DAQ driver installed to use it. See "Driver Download" at the bottom of this page for driver details.


For more detailed for instructions on installing the EScope Limited update, click here.


Revision History (most recent version can be downloaded above)



7/13/2016: Rev 1.11:


• New icon that works better with all backgrounds.


6/20/2016: Rev 1.10:


• New Logo and Icon.

• Added AirTemperatureSensor.exe, CoolantTempSensor.exe, and CoolantTempSwitch.exe videos.

• Fixed several printing issues when printing with grey backgrounds for less ink consumption.



7/21/2014: Rev 1.09:


• Setup for 1280x728 screen size default (wide screens).  Do not install this update if your screen resolution is less than 1280x728.

• Added WrafSensor6Wire.exe & VaneAirFlowSensor.exe training videos.

• Added file loaded file name to be displayed on front panel text.

• Added new H20 pressure scaling for 25" H20 Rev2.


2/03/2012: Rev 1.08:


• Added scaling options for new Rev2 versions of Vacuum and 300 PSI pressure sensors.

• Replaced old Cam/Crank sensor waveform library with a new bigger and better library of waveforms. The new library has been extended with more cam shaft & crank shaft correlations. Many of these patterns have #1 injector & #1 ignition coil waveforms as well.


3/24/2011: Rev 1.07:


• Added capability to  Zero each channel independently (used when working with pressure transducers and ECOP)

• Added ability to auto adjust window size when increasing for larger screens.

• Added option to print with grey background on graphs to save ink.

• Made scope buffer size a variable that can be adjusted on the File/Preferences pop-up.

• Added ECOP to Range options with the ability to customize the voltage to kV multiplier for ECOP channels.

• On Tools Menu, if no other tools are found it will say "No Other Tools Installed" instead of saying nothing.

• Changed the installation directory from  c:\Program Files to to  c:\Automotive Test Solutions to keep all ATS programs, settings, and data files in one location that Windows will not prevent access to.


7/7/2010: Rev 1.06:


• Added  Preferences link that is accessed from  File menu. Initial preferences now allow switching between  Show Time for one Entire Sweep (Default) or  Show Time per Division (10 Divisions per Sweep) options for how time is displayed.

• Fixed bug that caused startup error in version 1.05 on some EScope Limiteds.


12/22/2009: Rev 1.05:


• Optimized to work better with Windows 7.

• Added "Size to 1024x574 (Netbooks)" option.

• Allow user to close window (X).

• Added process data routine that allows adding offsets to data.

• Setup Max Sampling Rate to autofind at startup (48k, 46k, .. 40k are options).

• Increased Buffer Size.

• Added Mark Data (Page Up) button to Deep Record

• Changed colors of "Mark Cam Shaft" and "Mark Cylinders" to faint yellow and faint green.


9/23/2007: Rev 1.04:


• Added smoothing routine to Measure & Deep Rec.

• Adding offset to Mark Cylinders for pressure transducer measurements.

• Modified Deep record save to warn if file saving to already exists.


5/24/2007: Rev 1.03:


• Fixed problem where Demo Mode would automatically get selected at startup or auto-restart if DAQ board was not seen. Pop-up will now allow user to see error and re-start or select demo mode.

• Changed Mark Cylinders to be offset -25% of one division for pressure marking. This more accurately divides up the cylinders when using the pressure sensor.

• Added Demo Mode button/inidcator to Main tab.


4/25/2007: Rev 1.02:


• Added several videos to setup wizard.

• Added multiple ? Help buttons and help text tab for quick access to EScope Limited help. Also changed manual to Flash type.

• Fixed scaling factor on 20" H20 pressure sensor. Previous scaling only showed half of actual pressure.


03/21/2006: Rev 1.01:


• Initial release.



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